Sustainability at Asda

Here at Asda we take sustainability seriously. It’s all about making us a better business. 

Our focus on sustainability has seen us reduce our environmental impact. It also means we’ve saved money for our business, our suppliers' businesses and our customers.

We are committed to continuing our work on sustainability and we’re looking forward to making a real difference. 



Community is the cornerstone of our business and we're proud to support the areas where our customers and colleagues live and work.

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We want to support all of our suppliers to become more sustainable and we believe that collaboration will help all of us meet the challenges of the future. 

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Green Britain Index 2017

What our Everyday Experts tell us shapes the way we do business. Find out what they think, what they like and don’t like, what they talk about, and what they would like to see Asda do differently in this year’s Green Britain Index.

Food waste

We know you care about food waste, and we do, too. That's why Asda has a whole range of initiatives dedicated to reducing food waste in our own operations, with our suppliers and in our customers' homes. 

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We use energy right across our operations, from fridges to checkouts, ovens to lighting. But we're working hard to reduce our usage through a range of initiatives.

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Climate Resilience

Here at Asda, we have recognised the potential impacts of a changing climate and have started working on our climate resilience strategy. 

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Carrier bags

Carrier bag charges in Wales help support social enterprises. 

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