Our approach

Asda is part of the Walmart family, the largest retailer in the world and one of the largest supermarkets in Britain. What we do can have a real impact on the sector, and we have three big, aspirational goals that guide all our work:

  • To be supplied by 100% renewable energy
  • To create zero waste 
  • To sell products that sustain people and the environment 


Making Asda a better business

At Asda, our approach to sustainability is based on the belief that protecting the environment and saving people money go hand in hand.

We have a really clear aims – to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, the goods and services we sell, and the suppliers that make them.


Our operations

In terms of our own operations, we’d like to think our record speaks for itself. Since 2005, we’ve reduced energy use in our existing stores by 33% and in new stores by 45%. That’s equivalent to the energy used in 60,000 homes every year.

We travel less, too. Today, Asda goods travel 30 million fewer road miles to and from depots than they did in 2005, which also cuts carbon and costs. Asda hates waste of any kind, and we’re proud to say that in 2017 we’ve diverted 99.7% of our waste away from landfill.

All in all, we have made an absolute carbon footprint reduction of 22.8% compared with the 2007 baseline, even with our successful growth and new store openings.


Our customers

We also know that our customers see ‘being green’ as part of everyday life and want to lead more sustainable lifestyles – they've told us time and again, through our 'Everyday Experts' panel.

On the pages of this site, we showcase the work we have been doing to meet our sustainability targets and our goals for 2025. We know there's still work to be done, but it’s a journey we’re excited to be on – one that promises to reap benefits for the environment, Asda, our partners and, most importantly, our customers.

Our suppliers

We know that over 90% of our environmental impact lies within the supply chain. That’s why we created the Asda Sustain & Save Exchange (SSE) – to help us build a world-class supplier base that sets the standard in terms of sustainability.

The SSE is a free online tool supported by live events, which provides access to information and ideas, enables suppliers to ask questions, share best practice and identify ways to make their businesses more efficient.

Our farmers and growers 

We run a number of pathfinder schemes, helping our farmers to improve their expertise, efficiency, environmental impact and income, whether they’re dealing with dairy, beef, pork, poultry or lamb. Our aim is to develop and then demonstrate farming techniques. This will be shared with the wider agricultural community.