All shapes and sizes

Following on from the success of our wonky veg range we have taken another look at our everyday fruit and vegetable needs to find out how we can reduce food waste throughout the supply chain.


Working closely with our farmers and suppliers we focused on reviewing our specifications across all fruit and vegetables, looking at size, shape and how they look to make sure that even more products can end up on shelves.

By adjusting our requirements for our carrots and taking more splits and misshaped carrots we have helped farmers save over 300 tonnes of carrot waste per year! But, most importantly we had no increase in complaints from customers.

Next, we turned to sweet potatoes, tomatoes, grapes, citrus fruit and white potatoes. By making small changes, a further 3,000 tonnes of fresh produce can be sold on our shelves in 2016 alone. The differences won’t be noticeable to customers, the fruit and veg is just as tasty and fresh as it always is, but the savings for our growers in terms of food waste will be huge.

In 2017 we looked at this again and by relaxing our specifications on carrots even further allowed our farmers to save another 690 tonnes of carrots.