Animal welfare

At Asda we care about animal welfare, and we know you do, too. We're proud to say that this commitment has been recognised by organisations such as the RSPA and Compassion in World Farming. 

We’re making improvements across our supply chain to make sure that livestock is treated properly at every step of the process.

We’re working closely with farmers to develop better ways of rearing animals. We use the framework of the long established 'Five Freedoms' to help define our animal welfare and sourcing policies. 

Animal testing 

At Asda, we don't test any of our own brand beauty, toiletry or household products on animals. In fact, we haven't tested any of the ingredients in our cosmetics products on animals since 31st December 2009, or cleaning products since 31st of December 2015. 

Animal slaughter 

At Asda we stipulate that all of our meat must be stunned pre-slaughter.

For more information about Asda's position on animal welfare, have a look at our animal welfare policy.