Asda and British farming

Here are some examples of our major supply chains to explain how we source your favourite products.



Asda sources milk, cream and major cheese varieties (not speciality or regional cheese such as Edam) from Arla. Arla is a farmer co-operative operating in Great Britain and some European countries. We have been working with Arla and its farmers for over 10 years and have recently strengthened our commitment with a new long term contract. Arla has a 'farmer-owned' marque, which is printed on each bottle of milk as well as in store as a clear sign of our support. 

We are also making changes to our own label yogurts, which are currently produced with around 80% British milk. We will be moving these to 100% British milk over the next 12 months.  


ABP has supplied Asda's beef since the mid-1960s. We work together to support the beef farmers who supply us, holding regular farmer meetings throughout the UK with teams from both Asda and ABP.

Asda has been working with specific beef farmers through the BeefLink programme to improve the performance of their farms. This includes sponsoring  new technologies. Asda is working with Cogent to provide superior genetics at accessible cost to our farmers. ABP and Asda have pioneered the use of Video Image Analysis for assessing the market value of carcasses and the use of calving monitors to improve animal welfare.


The Dunbia Group supplies Asda's lam. As with other farming products we work with a group of farmers in the LambLink programme to improve the performance of lamb production. In 2015, Asda started the first lamb feed efficiency trial. This assesses feed intake in order to improve the capacity for improved genetic selection. Our relationship with Dunbia is long standing and we have just renewed our supply contract for three years. 


Cranswick plc, based in East Yorkshire, supplies Asda's pork. We are committed to the British pig sector and have set a target of increasing the proportion of UK sourced fresh pork. We have agreed plans (which have been shared with the National Pig Association) to increase our sourcing to 80% British pork within the next 12 months. Alongside this, all Asda sausages will be produced using British sources from June 2016.