At Asda, we know that biodiversity is important to a healthy and productive natural environment. We work hard with our partners and farmers to make sure that biodiversity is considered as part of a sustainable food supply system.

Nature and Community Project

In Costa Rica, we are working as a proud partner of the Biodiversity Partnership to help protect and preserve Costa Rica’s biodiversity, specifically the Nogal-La Selva Biological Corridor, which has suffered from over-farming and a decline in plant and wildlife numbers.

Our Nature and Community Project has reforested large areas with almost 50,000 trees – over 60 species in total – creating connections between 600 hectares of forest. This has helped the migration of many different animals and birds, as has the installation of rope bridges across busy roads, allowing animals to move safely from one side to the other.

Within days of these changes, many species could be found in the reforested areas. The new trees have formed a beautiful and protective canopy for the rainforest below and a whole host of animals are regularly spotted on cameras, even the endangered spider monkey.

The Nature and Community Project also works to educate local people on the importance of biodiversity and conservation. Since 2004, it has worked with almost 30,000 people to raise awareness of environmental issues and help people understand why and how to protect their environment.

The partnership is already looking to expand the project into other areas and engage other global environmental organisations.