Carrier bags

On Monday 5th October 2015, carrier bag charging began in England, similar to the charging already in place in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Asda, like other large retailers, are now required by law to charge a minimum of 5p for every carrier bag used by a customer. 

Carrier bag charges in Wales help support social enterprises 

We are donating £321,9354 to charities and good causes in Wales from the sale of 5p carrier bags 2016/2017.

Social enterprises are businesses that trade to tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s life chances, or the environment. They make their money from selling goods and services in the open market, but they reinvest their profits back into the local community. 

Social investment (unlike grants or donations) is when charitable organisations like social enterprises receive a loan which they later repay. Loans are used in a variety of ways, from buying equipment, to renting property, to expanding or replicating the business in some way.  It can be difficult for charities and social enterprises to obtain loans from mainstream banks.

Building on our successful Scottish model, Asda has developed a national social investment programme to invest the proceeds of the Welsh carrier bag charges and harness our retail scale and expertise to support the social enterprise sector in Wales.  This will deliver legacy benefits for job creation and community regeneration.

Investing in social entrepreneurs is an innovative way for Asda to ensure that our customers’ money delivers long term benefits for communities across Wales.  

Customers pay 5p per bag at all our stores in Wales following compulsory charges brought in by the Welsh Assembly in 2011. We donate the full 5p charge (less VAT) to our chosen charities and good causes.

Single use carrier bag reporting 7th April 2017 – 6th April 2018

Number of chargeable bags supplied


Total amount received from the 5p charge


Total VAT


Net proceeds of the charge donated to charity 

Social Investment Cymru

Fight Hunger Campaign partner charities

Fareshare and Trussell Trust





Single carrier bag usage Wales 2016-17

Single carrier bag usage Wales 2015-16