Climate Resilience

Here at Asda, we have recognised the potential impacts of a changing climate and have started working on our climate resilience strategy. 

Challenges of a changing climate

At Asda we’re committed to delivering great value and quality to our customers. At the same time, we want to treat suppliers fairly, reduce waste and protect the environment.

We also know that a changing climate will have an impact on these commitments, and we wanted to know what we could do about it. So, we’re working with our suppliers and climate change experts to understand the effects of climate change and how we can adapt our business.  

We know there are some food and product ranges that are already at risk. And we know that there are some that will fall into that ‘at risk’ category with a changing climate. 

We’ve carried out what we believe is a wide ranging analysis of long term trends in climate and their implications for our supply chains and business operations, and now we’re going to implement a framework to adapt to those changes.


Download the full report.