Alongside everything we do in store and with our suppliers, we're also helping our customers to reduce their waste at home. 

Understanding food labels

Get to know your dates and your food packaging better to get the best out of what you buy….

Use by – Food can safely be eaten up to the end of the use by date if it’s been stored correctly. But don’t eat it after this date even if it looks and smells fine as it could risk your health.

Best before – These dates refer to quality rather than food safety. Food with a best before date should be safe to eat after the date but they may no longer be at their best. For example, bread might have gone stale but it’s still safe to eat. Providing they have been thoroughly cooked, eggs can be eaten a day or two after their best before date.

Display until/Sell by – You can ignore these dates as they’re aimed at shop staff not customers.

All food and drink – Check the packaging for information about storage and follow instructions such as 'use within two days of opening'. To extend the life of your food beyond its date, check if it can be frozen and then freeze it before the date. Make sure you fully defrost it and use it within 24 hours.  

Love Food Hate Waste

We know that reducing food waste is an important issue. That's why we support WRAP's Love Food, Hate Waste campaign.

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It's electric

WRAP estimates that every year in the UK we dispose of 1.4 million tonnes of electrical and electronic products. Only 7% of this reused and around a third is sent to landfill.

At Asda, we have teamed up with other UK leading electrical retailers to provide funding to help local councils to provide recycling services as part of our obligation under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive. To find your nearest facility please visit the Recycle More Website and enter your postcode. You can take anything from an old TV or Toaster to Fridges and electrical toys. 

Clothing recycling

WRAP estimates that 350,000 tonnes of used clothing is sent to landfill in the UK every year. We hate seeing these clothes going to waste. 

So, where we have space, we work with the Salvation Army and Textile Recycling Association to provide clothing recycling bins in our store car parks. Thanks to our wonderful customers recycling their unwanted clothing and shoes in these bins in 2014, £1.8m was raised for the Salvation Army, Orchid and Tickled Pink. 


From 2010, new legislation means that all shops that sell batteries have to also collect old used ones. At Asda, these are usually found near the front of the store or at the customer service desk. In 2014, with your help, we recycled 195,000 tonnes of batteries!

The only type of battery you can’t bring back to our stores is a car battery. They need to be taken to your local council recycling centre.