We rely on forests. From paper, timber and medicines to soy and palm oil, forests are key to many everyday products. 

Forests provide places where plants and animals thrive. They also help to prevent soil erosion, are critical to the water cycle and actively tackle the effects of climate change. 

In short, forests are incredibly important, and we need to protect them. That’s why we’ve signed up to the following commitments...

Sustainable palm oil

The high demand for palm oil is having a negative impact on the environment, animals and local communities. That’s why we’re working with organisations like WWF and RSPO to promote the use of sustainable palm oil. 

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Soya, or Soy, is a major global crop used to produce many everyday products. In recent years global demand for soya has increased, but this has led to issues around areas being cleared for cultivation. It's a complex supply chain, so we're working with several organisations to improve its sustainability.

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Consumer Goods Forum

The Consumer Goods Forum Deforestation Resolution aims to achieve zero net deforestation by 2020. Again, Walmart is signed up to this pledge and working in partnership with other companies, governments and not-for-profit organisations to make it a reality. 

The New York Declaration

Through Walmart, we are also signed up to the New York Declaration on Forests. This brings together governments, private companies, not-for-profit organisations and indigenous populations with the aim to cut natural forest loss in half by 2020, and end it by 2030. If we could do that, it would cut carbon pollution by between 4.5 and 8.8 billion tonnes every year – the same amount of carbon that the USA emits every year. 


Wood products


We’ve committed that all of our own brand products containing wood, paper and pulp will be sourced sustainably by 2020. That means we will only source timber that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) certified.

As well as making our products certified we are also working towards making our paper and board packaging sustainable. That’s why we’ve committed that by 2025 all paper packaging will be certified FSC or PEFC.

We’re working hard to make sure that we meet these commitments and have already taken some great steps across the business.  Our till roll for printing receipts is FSC certified and we no longer print receipts for our online delivery.