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Carbon Footprint

Asda's Carbon Footprint 2017
Asda's Carbon Footprint 2016
ASDA's Carbon Footprint 2015
ASDA’s Carbon Footprint 2014
ASDA’s Carbon Footprint 2013
ASDA’s Carbon Footprint 2012

Farming for a better future

Asda's Sustainable Soils survey 2018
Farming for a Better Future
Simply Sustainable Water
Simply Sustainable Soils
Simply Sustainable Biodiversity

Our reports

Green Britain Index 2017
Reducing antibiotics in food production
Green Britain Index 2016
Green Britain Index 2015
The Challenge of a Changing Climate
Green is Normal
Our Big Green Journey

Position statements

Asda 2018 Antibiotic report
Single carrier bag usage wales 2016-17
Single carrier bag usage wales 2015-16
Single carrier bag usage wales 2014-15
Asda Animal Welfare Policy
Asda Antibiotics Policy
Asda Palm Oil Policy
Asda Seafood Policy
Asda Timber Policy