FarmLink schemes

We have been doing great work to improve the sustainability of our own operations since 2005. But we also know it's important to bring about positive changes in Asda's supply chain as well. Our FarmLink schemes are part of this…

Helping farmers, helping customers

Asda’s Farm Link schemes – BeefLink, DairyLink, PorkLink, LambLink and PoultryLink – are all about strengthening our relationships with our producers and suppliers to bring consistency of supply, better quality products and financial stability for farmers.

Our FarmLink schemes provide our farmers with access to the very best production techniques, a forum for sharing knowledge and best practice and the chance to engage with us here at Asda. As a result, we are delivering a supply chain that is efficient, sustainable and fit for the future.

FarmLink objectives

  • To develop FarmLinks to cover the key UK farming sectors
  • To strengthen our relationship with our producers and suppliers
  • To bring consistency of supply, better quality products and financial stability to our farmers
  • To bring farmers together to share best practice
  • To allow each FarmLink to identify and develop work streams appropriate to that agricultural area

Looking at the impacts

In addition to the in-kind spend and dedicated resource, the financial spend on the FarmLink schemes is in excess of £72.7 million. The majority of this has been paid to farmers in bonuses for improvements in products. To date, the project has paid out:

  • LambLink: £3 million
  • BeefLink: £39 million
  • DairyLink: £30 million

These bonuses have allowed our farmers to invest money, further improving the efficiency in their farms.

We have also spent a significant amount on research. We recognise the importance of providing up-to-date research for our farmers. In fact, we spend about one third of our sustainability budget on agriculture every year.