Food waste

We know you care about food waste, and we do, too. That's why Asda has a whole range of initiatives dedicated to reducing food waste in our own operations, with our suppliers and in our customers' homes. 

Here is our Sustainable Business Director, Chris Brown to tell you a little bit more 

Product donations

Our partnerships with the national charities to donate surplus product. 

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We love wonky veg

There are lots of ways we use so-called wonky fruit and veg... we won’t see them go to waste.

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Love Food Hate Waste

We know that reducing food waste is an important issue. That's why we support WRAP's Love Food, Hate Waste campaign.

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Reducing food waste in store

There are all kinds of opportunities to reduce food waste in our stores. Here are just a few of the things we're doing...

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All shapes and sizes

Selling wonky veg is one thing, but we wanted to know what else we could do to reduce food waste in our entire supply chain.

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It's a date

Date codes. They're important to us and our customers. And we wanted to make them better to reduce food waste, both in our customers' homes and in our stores.

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Food waste conference

Asda was the first major retailer in the industry to hold a dedicated food waste conference for our suppliers.

The Courtauld Commitment

We are proud to be founding signatory of the Courtauld 2025 Commitment. The Courtauld Commitment is a world-leading voluntary agreement to reduce the environmental impact of food and drink.

It is an ambitious programme, bringing together organisations from across the food supply chain to make production and consumption more sustainable. At its heart is a 10-year commitment and programme of work, identifying priorities, developing solutions and implementing changes at scale. This latest commitment goes further than ever before with three ambitious targets:

  • A 20% reduction in food and drink waste arising in the UK
  • A 20% reduction in GHG (greenhouse gas) intensity of food and drink consumed in the UK
  • A reduction in impact of associated water use in the supply chain

Asda has already completed Courtauld Commitments 1,2 and 3 and we are excited to begin working on the 2025 Commitment. 


Efficient Consumer Response

Run by The Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD), Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) is where industry comes together to develop initiatives to tackle the biggest issues affecting the food and grocery supply chain, including food waste. Asda is an active member of the board – our Chief Executive, Andy Clarke, is the current IGD President.

Waste walk-throughs

During our waste walk-throughs, we visit every point in the supply chain to understand where food waste occurs and see how we can make things work better.

One of our most successful projects with Greencore, our soup and sauce suppliers, has saved hundreds of tonnes of product and packaging through just a few simple changes.

Food waste: Stewarts of Tayside

This video shows how Asda is working with our suppliers to reduce food waste, from farm to fork.

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Food waste: IPL

In this film, you can learn how Asda is working with one of our suppliers, IPL, to minimise food waste throughout the supply chain.

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