Heard on the grapevine

Asda has been carrying out a trial in Kent since 2012, with eight varieties of grapes originally planted – a mixture of red, green and black – to see whether seedless table grapes suitable for everyday consumption could be grown.

Across our Asda stores, we sell a whopping 1.4million punnets of grapes to customers every week and currently import the fruit from 15 different countries around the world. Our primary suppliers are located in Spain, but high-demand causes us to reach out as far as India, South America and Chile.

The grapes grown here in the UK will make Asda less reliant on imported fruit, which will reduce our carbon footprint as we won’t have to source as many grapes from countries as far away as Brazil, whilst also supporting more British farmers.

For this project, Spanish grape supplier provided the grape vines and their chief agronomist also supervised the planting.  

Asda is hoping to educate growers across the UK with its findings, to give them the skills and knowledge they need to help this become an industry wide initiative by 2018. 


English grapes for Asda stores

Alberto Goldbacher, category manager for grapes at Asda said: “It’s incredibly exciting to be reaping the rewards of this trial, we have tested lots of different varieties of grapes over the last three years. Grapes grown in the UK have previously only been suitable for making wine as they’re typically very small, have a thick skin and have a large seed in the middle. For the first time ever in the UK, these new table grapes are exactly what you’d expect to see on a supermarket shelf, in both look and taste.”