It's a date

Working with our suppliers and farmers we are constantly looking at ways to reduce the amount of time it takes to get products on to our shelves. And we wanted to make sure that this information translated to date codes.

We looked at products where we had shortened the supply chain and used the extra days to increase our best before dates for customers. Working through this we managed to add 1,800 extra days of life across the produce range on everything from onions to cucumbers.

Next we looked at reviewing date codes depending on the seasons. By doing this, we can help our customers to get the most out of products when they are at their best.

For example, we can extend the shelf life on things like strawberries during the UK growing season, but reduce it over winter when they come from further afield.

Finally, we looked at products where we could remove best before dates altogether. As a result, we removed dates from apples and onions, so our customers know that there's no rush to enjoy them.