Local sourcing

We’re committed to working with local suppliers. This means we can support local communities while bringing you fresh and tasty products.

Asda takes pride in providing good quality food for our customers. And we want to make sure that putting a healthy, great tasting meal on your family table doesn’t cost the earth. Our goal is to search out the best local products we can find for you. More local produce means we’re supporting more local businesses, and with fewer miles travelled.

Fast Food

We’re currently working with over 600 local suppliers in the UK, helping us stock over 6,000 different local products. If we find a local product we like, we can have it on our store shelves within eight weeks flat!

If you want to know more about becoming a local supplier at Asda visit our supplier website.

Spoilt for choice

Our amazing local suppliers provide you with a delicious variety of regional meats, cheeses, yoghurts, sausages, pickles, ice cream, cakes, and beer.

Loving local labels

Look out for our local labels to help you find the local delicacies in your area.

Going local

In Cumbria, our Plumgarths local sourcing initiative helps put more than 80 different local products from 30 farmers and small scale producers within the north west region in local stores.

Raising a glass to new craft beer

It’s three cheers for Scottish breweries Broughton Ales, Belhaven and William’s Brothers as we welcome their craft beer lines into 50 Asda stores across Scotland.

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The (cider) apple of our eye

We’re delighted to welcome Thistly Cross cider to the shelves of 56 of our stores across Scotland.

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Welsh Dairy is cream of the crop

Tomlinson’s Dairies is supplying Welsh milk and cream for Asda stores across the country

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Celtic pride on the menu

Our customers in South Wales can now enjoy an authentic Welsh menu from their local Asda café.

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Heard on the grapevine

Following a breakthrough in our UK grape trial, British seedless table grapes will go on sale for the first time ever in 2016.

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The Great Taste of Wales

Puffin Produce are a small network of 18 dedicated growers based in Wales who have supplier top quality potatoes to Asda for over seven years. 

Mae Puffin Produce yn rhwydwaith bychan o 18 tyfwr pwrpasol yng Nghymru sydd wedi cyflenwi tatws o'r rad flaenaf i Asda ers mwy na 7 o flynyddoedd.