Love Food Hate Waste

We know that reducing food waste can save a family of four around £60 every month, so it’s an important issue. That's why we support WRAP's Love Food, Hate Waste campaign.

Food waste is a key issue, both for us and our customers. In fact, 85% of customers told us that they wanted Asda to help them reduce food waste in their home.

Customers told us they thought that there were lots of ways that Asda could help them to reduce food waste in their homes. In particular they wanted more information on storage and leftover recipes.

Our Love Food Hate Waste campaigns are just one way we can help. Every year, we hold demonstrations, provide tips and recipes for leftovers in-store, online, and in our magazine. With all of our activities we manage to reach over 10 million customers.

In 2015, we worked with our Community Life Champions to deliver some fabulous in store activity – you can see more about it in the video below. Community Life Champions also ran games and quizzes, gave out freebies and shared their top tips to help customers to reduce their food waste.



It isn’t just about what we do in store. Our Community Life Champions go out and about, working with schools and community groups to help them understand how they can reduce their food waste. All of our resources are available for free on our Community Life pages. 

We all like to get the best out of everything that we buy so our fabulous team over at Asda recipes have teamed up with TV chef Richard Fox to come up with some great tips to make your food last longer.