As a large retailer, our operations will always result in some waste. But we're taking steps to reduce this as much as possible.

Through reusing, recovering, recycling and redistributing, we've already reduced the amount of waste we send to landfill to 98.9%. We have an ambitious target of zero waste, and we're working hard to achieve it. Read more to find out what we're up to...

Running a supermarket that sells everything from a loaf of bread to a toaster means that we have lots of different waste streams to deal with in our stores and depots. Here are just a few examples of what we do with our waste...

We reuse our George clothing hangers as many times as possible but once they can’t be used any more, we recycle them. Like our hangers, we don’t want any of our great George clothing to go to waste. So anything that is damaged or returned and isn’t fit for sale is donated to the UK charity Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children. Newlife can re-use, sell or recycle garments in order to raise money to fund specialist medical equipment for terminally ill and disabled children in the UK.

All our cardboard and plastic from stores is recycled. Some of our recycled plastic makes its way back in to store as our bags for life. Plastic isn’t the only thing that gets reused – our cooking oil from the restaurants and rotisseries is used to make biofuels.

We hope that gives you a flavour of how we are working towards our zero waste target. We know it’s a constant journey and can sometimes be complex, so below we have devised a simple waste chart to show what happens to all of our different waste streams.