Our operations

Sustainability. It touches all areas of our operations here at Asda. Whether it's reducing our energy and water use, improving our packaging, tackling waste or changing the way we transport our goods, we're always looking for better, greener, ways to act. 

All in all, we’re working hard to minimise the impact of our business. Reducing carbon also means saving money, and all these actions add up to help us save millions of pounds, which we can then pass onto our customers. 


We use energy right across our operations, from fridges to checkouts, ovens to lighting. But we're working hard to reduce our usage through a range of initiatives.

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At Asda, we hate waste of any kind. It's a value that's close to our heart – and we’re pleased to say it’s serving us well.

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Getting our products from depots to stores is something we have to do, but we’ve been making changes...

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We’re focused on reducing and improving it and, since 2007, have reduced packaging weight by 27 percent...

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We're saving water in our stores and depots and we're working with our suppliers to help them reduce water use too. 

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