Packaging, it’s part and parcel of what we do. Without great packaging, many of our products wouldn't make it to our stores, or your homes, in one piece. Some of our food wouldn't be safe, others wouldn't taste so good, and some things need to be packaged for extra protection as they are so delicate.

We’re focused on reducing and improving it and, since 2007, we have reduced packaging weight by 27 percent. But, it isn't just about less packaging, it's about packaging that keeps products at their best for longer, both in our stores and your homes. 

Water works

Reducing plastic in Asda's own Eden Falls 500ml water bottles by 6% saved 16.5 tonnes of plastic. In two-litre bottles, a 13% reduction saved 82 tonnes, and in five-litre bottles, a 23% reduction saved 32 tonnes. Today, Eden Falls is the lightest own label 500ml water bottle on the market.

Meat packaging

In 2013, we changed the packs of all our ‘Chosen By You’ and ‘Butcher’s Selection’ meat to brand new ‘skin’ packaging. This not only reduces the amount of packaging needed, it also doubles the meat’s shelf life, so we get longer to sell it, and our customers get longer to enjoy it.


In 2015, we moved all Asda brand vinegar from glass to plastic bottles. Not only did this save 250 tonnes of packaging, it also reduced our transport emissions as the new bottles are much lighter – making the vinegar on our chips all the better! 




Our customers told us that they love the re-sealable packaging on our cheddar but sometimes it is hard to get it to work properly. So, in April 2014, we launched a new type of re-sealable packaging which removes the need to line up the seal so precisely. The new technology makes it easier to close the packet and keeps the cheese fresher for longer.