Poultry products

All about the chicken – and eggs – we sell in our stores…

Free range to organic, country of origin to seasonal ranges, we consider all kinds of factors when it comes to our poultry products. 

Asda’s poultry range changes with tastes and seasons. Some ranges that were once seen as seasonal, such as BBQ products in summer, are now sold all year round. But some products still have higher demand at certain times, such as party food over the festive season.

All of our whole fresh birds are British born and bred. But when it comes to the cuts of meat, we understand that there’s a national preference for breast meat over brown meat from legs, thighs and wings. So, we use additional imports to make sure we can meet customer demand. 

Everything is clearly labelled with country of origin information and, where appropriate, farm assurance marks. We also clearly label products that are free range or organic to help customers make an informed choice. 

It’s not just about chicken though. We also sell eggs and use egg and egg products as ingredients in some of our products. As part of Asda’s commitment to reduce food waste, we use eggs with minor defects in our bakeries – they’re safe to eat and it means we’re not throwing away perfectly good food. 

At Asda we are committed to moving to a cage free system of egg production by 2025. At present we sell eggs from hens housed in cage systems. These are compliant with European Union legislation which required the elimination of ‘battery’ systems by 2012. The replacement system described as colony or enriched cages meet welfare requirements for space, behaviour and husbandry. Eggs from these systems are clearly labelled with consistent identifiers used across the market on both the egg itself and the packaging.