Sustainable fish

Here at Asda, we know that nearly 80% of world fish stocks are fully or partly overexploited (according to the UN). We want to help protect them, which is why conserving North Sea habitats and sourcing from well-managed fisheries is so important to us.

Seafood Review

We've teamed up with the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership to become the first supermarket to publish comprehensive data on the fisheries that supply us. This means that you can see exactly how and where our wild fish is caught – and how sustainable they are. 

The report, Wild Fisheries Annual Reviews, has been welcomed by Greenpeace and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, both of whom have campaigned for more transparency from supermarkets on seafood sourcing. It covers all the source fisheries we used between 1 January 2013 and 31 December 2013. Not all of the 64 fisheries that supply us had data available – we are working with the eight that don’t to improve the way they report. From 2014 onwards our data has been combined with other retailers and seafood companies in the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Ocean Disclosure Programme


We’ve pledged to make sure that all fisheries that need improvement take appropriate action.

Focus on fish 

We want to protect the North Sea cod stocks, which is why we’re only sourcing fish from responsible regions. We’re also supporting the creation of a Marine Reserve to protect stocks.

Asda was the first UK retailer to stock MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified Atlantic Cod.

We are proud to say that all of our own brand tinned tuna and tuna sandwiches come from pole and line or FAD-free sources. Our tuna is also certified dolphin friendly (Earth Island Institute). When sourcing our canned tuna, we don't work with any company that uses vessels that have been officially blacklisted, use transhipment at sea, have been prosecuted for illegal activities related to the trade of fish, or have undertaken shark finning. 

And to help our customers that little bit more, we label our fish products to show where they come from, as well as supporting the creation of marine reserves and marine protected areas.

Fish Meal and Fish Oils

Fish meals and oils are used in animal diets. While limited quantities are used for terrestrial livestock, larger volumes are used in aquaculture diets. The International Fishmeal and Fish Oil organisation represents this sector. IFFO operates the Responsible Sourcing scheme for certifying fishmeal fish oil fisheries which Asda supports

Asda is a supporter of the Fisheries Improvement Project for South East Asian fisheries which is based on two fisheries in Vietnam and two in Thailand. This work will focus on identification of the fish species used in feeds and their catch locations, driving awareness of the need for sustainable fishmeal and improvement of fishery practice especially reduction of juvenile fish catch.

It is our intention to publish all seafood sourcing in our contribution to the Ocean Disclosure Project including indirect sourcing such as aquaculture diets and human dietary supplements.


For more information please see our Sustainable Seafood Policy