Sustainable palm oil

At Asda, we know how important it is to source palm oil sustainably. Did you know that palm oil is used in many of the products we buy? It’s found in food like chocolate and bread, as well as cosmetics, medicines and even your washing powder!

The high demand for palm oil is having a negative impact on the environment, animals and local communities. That’s why we’re working with organisations like WWF and RSPO to promote the use of sustainable palm oil. 

Taking action

We’re active members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) an association created to promote the production and use of sustainable palm oil. 

Telling the whole story

We’re working hard to keep you up to date about the issue of sustainable palm oil and to bring it to the attention of other retailers and businesses, too. Each year, we survey our suppliers to better understand the work they're doing in palm oil and the progress they're making. 

In 2017 all of the 15,321 tonnes of palm oil used in Asda products was sustainable palm oil from the RSPO scheme.

Of this 7,669 tonnes comes directly from segregated sources, 7,004 comes from mass balance and 618 tonnes is covered by GreenPalm certificates.


For more information on palm oil please read our sustainable palm oil policy