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Welcome to the new Community Life teachers' resources hub, where you can download all of our PDFs to help you deliver great food and cooking sessions to your class.

Food waste

Anti-waste charter: 5-11 years
Food waste information sheet
Perfectly proportioned: 7-11 years
Sheriff of storage: 5-11 years

Healthy eating

ASDA Active – Energy In: Energy Out
Eight ways to healthier eating
Nutrition notes for parents
The Eatwell Plate
Understanding food labelling
What's in season?

Support materials

England curriculum links
Guidance notes for teachers
Northern Ireland Curriculum Links
Scotland Curriculum Links
Wales Curriculum Links


Grow your food: herbs, 5-7 years
Grow your food: herbs, 7-11 years

Dairy foods

Know your food: dairy foods from around the world, 7-11 years
Know your food: finding out about dairy foods, 5-7 years


Know your food: finding out about bread, 5-7 years
Know your food: finding out about bread, 7-11 years

Fruit and vegetables

Know your food: fruit and vegetables, 5-11 years
Know your food: which season? 5-11 years