We love wonky veg

Ugly, misshapen, funny shaped fruit and vegetables – there’s nothing wrong with them. And we won’t see them go to waste.

There are lots of ways we use so-called wonky fruit and veg. Sometimes we chop them, grate them and mash them up with our other products. And after asking customers what they thought, in 2015 we introduced wonky products in to our fruit and veg aisles. After all, who doesn't love a funny shaped carrot?


In February 2016 we decided to take this a step further and introduced a wonky veg boxes to our stores as part of the 'Beautiful on the Inside' range.

Each box contains 5kg of fresh produce such as carrots, potatoes, peppers, cabbage, leeks, parsnips and onions – you'll find them all in the box.

Not only does this veg taste just as good, it's also around 30% cheaper than our standard lines.

Of course, the exact contents will depend on the season and availability from our growers, but the boxes will always offer a great healthy selection.

The crooked, curved and knobbly vegetables proved so successful that we have rolled the boxes out to 550 stores across the UK.